How and conditions of use of our publicly funded services:

No medical referral is required to participate in the tests and treatments.

  • Regardless of the patient’s place of residence, we undertake
  • We take patients with a valid Social Security number
  • Use of our services is subject to prior booking
  • Number of light-bath treatment funded by NEAK 25/year

How and conditions of use of our privately funded services:

  • Use of our services is subject to prior booking
  • The cost of the health service shall be paid after the examination

You can choose one of the following payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Debit/Credit card – currently, this method of payment is not available to them

Trough health funds

Currently, only the following ways to compensate services through a health fund can be:

  • Cash/debit or credit card purchase: in this case, the cashier advances the amount of the service, which is paid out subsequently by the cashier at the request of the member. At this time, we can issue invoices for any health fund. The invoice is issued with the health fund billing name and address, the name and membership number of the fund member


The National Health Insurance Fund Manager (NEAK) finances 25 treatments per year for patients.